Creativity, Confidence and Teamwork
  • Solo Concert 2018
  • Tinies CVI 2017
  • Group Shot Subbies & Juniors Pre Ballarat Class
  • Juniors March
  • Seniors Cocktail Party
  • Subbies March
  • Inters CVI
  • Masters Revue
  • Juniors Aesthetics
  • Seniors Revue
  • Tinies Song
  • Subbies CVI
  • Inters Dance
  • Seniors Revue
  • Tinies Dance
  • Juniors Freearm
  • Masters March
  • Inters Team 2017
  • Tinies dance
  • Masters Team
  • Inters Team

Welcome to Joulle Calisthenics Academy

Kilsyth, Victoria


“Creativity Confidence and Teamwork”



Established in 2002, Joulle Calisthenics Academy Inc. is a not-for-profit sporting club dedicated to the development of calisthenics, a unique artistic sport which is indigenous to Australia, it involves learning elements of dance, gymnastics, singing, marching, and apparatus technique.  We are located in Croydon North, an outer eastern suburb of Melbourne.

Our aim at Joulle is to provide a supportive environment that helps build confidence within your child, allows them to express their creativity whilst having fun and making new friends. We pride ourselves on fostering a friendly and positive environment for all of our pupils and families. Our dedicated team of experienced coaches host a range of classes in which pupils of all ages can develop their calisthenics skills.

We welcome members of all ages, whether new or experienced, to come and enjoy the wonderful experience that is calisthenics at Joulle!