Creativity Confidence Elegance and Grace


Division 2

Calisthenics allows our Inters to be more active, socialise, be creative and increase their self-confidence. Being in class together and competing on stage builds a strong bond between our Inters and the coaching staff. We encourage our girls to help assist in other sections which allows them to experience their love of calisthenics from a different perspective.

Come Join us in 2019 !

Watch the video below to see our work from 2017.


If you would like to join us in 2018, please find the required registration form and our Welcome Pack for 2018 below:

Joulle Registration Form 2018

Joulle Welcome Pack 2018

Class Times

Thursday 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Brushy Creek Hall, Maroondah Highway Croydon

Students to arrive with their Rod, Clubs, Aesthetics Practice Skirt and drink bottle. Please ensure your child wears either a black leotard or leggings and a top, no loose clothing. We run a warm-up at the beginning of each session followed by learning and practicing the 6 required items listed below.

Items Taught in 2019

Our Inters compete in 6 different items:

March – marching to create complex patterning, developing spatial awareness, core strength, rhythm and deportment.

Freearm – a creative series of strength and flexibility movements developing core strength, flexibility and deportment.

Rods – manipulation of a metal rod with movement developing technical skills, hand-eye coordination and multi-tasking.

Clubs – circular swings with wooden clubs developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, multi-tasking and rhythm.

Aesthetics – graceful movements technically placed and interpreted developing musical appreciation, grace, poise and emotional expression.

Calisthenics Revue – a creative performance that tells a story developing performance skills, acting, creative expression and confidence.

Camp & Ballarat

Camp allows our students to bond over a 2 day camp. It allows them to work on the minor details of each item and to work together to perfect them. Camp also allows for downtime with their friends and helps with team building and friendships. Camp is held on the weekend of the 15th-17th June.

Ballarat is a wonderful time away with both parents and students. Her Majesty Theatre is a prestige stage where magic happens. It is an amazing experience for all our students and its where memories are made. Ballarat is normally the start of October  each year.

Competitions, Stage Practice and Annual Concert,

Our Inters compete in 5 competitions per year, the dates for these competitions are released in late May and are from July-October, for Competitions dates please refer to the below link (Competition Dates ) This includes our 2 prestige competitions at Royal South Street, and CVI

Juniors also participate in Stage Practice which allows the students to work through their routines on stage in their costumes, this is always a wonderful day that allows the students to gain confidence before the first competition of the season. In 2019 our stage practice is on 15th June 2019 – times to be confirmed

Juniors also perform at our Annual Concert, they always LOVE being able to dance with the entire club and they perform all 6 of the items.

Our concert is SUNDAY 1ST DECEMBER 2019